If we look around, we find that we are surrounded by several objects which we perceive through our senses. For example in a University- the students, professors, computers, desks, pens, writing pads, fans are all examples of objects. In fact, the object is an entity which is capable of providing services through its interfaces.

Object-Oriented Programming is a programming technique which provides a collection of reusable objects that interact with each other to offer a solution to a given computing problem.

In B.S. Anangpuria Institute of Technology & Management at our department of Computer Science & Engineering, we start with the basic introduction of Classes and Objects in Object Oriented Programming using C++ Lab. Object-Oriented Programming is a philosophy based on Objects. This Lab implements OOP philosophy using C++ programming language.

The Lab comprises of a  number of programs based on various Object Oriented programming concepts like Inheritance, Polymorphism, Exception Handling, Containership, Templates. The students are provided with the knowledge of how to apply these concepts to solve large computing problems.

Moreover, by implementing these concepts, the students are able to understand how these concepts are helpful to find a better solution to a given computing problem as compared to the traditional techniques of programming.