If you are not networking, you are not working,” stated by Dennis Waitley

We now stand at a critical turning point in the use of technology to extend and empower our ability to communicate. The globalization of the Internet has succeeded faster than anyone could have imagined. The manner in which social, commercial, political, and personal interactions occur is rapidly changing to keep up with the evolution of this global network. In the next stage of our development, innovators will use the Internet as a starting point for their efforts, creating new products and services specifically designed to take advantage of the network capabilities. As developers push the limits of what is possible, the capabilities of the interconnected networks that form the Internet will play an increasing role in the success of these projects

This lab helps to explain the importance of data communications and the Internet in supporting business communications and daily activities. Also explains how communication works in data networks and Internet. This lab helps to recognize the different internetworking devices and their functions and also explain the role of protocols in networking. The main objective of this lab is to implement different topologies like bus, ring, star, mesh.

Students will learn how do networks affect the way we interact, learn, work, and play? What ways can host devices be used as clients, servers, or both? How are network devices used? What are the differences between LAN and WAN devices? What are the differences between LAN and WAN topologies? What is the basic structure of the Internet? How do LANs and WANs interconnect to the Internet? How are networking technologies changing the home environment?  What are some basic security threats and solutions for both small and large networks?  Why is it important to understand the switching and routing infrastructure of a network?

Why did the system administrator cross the road? To get coffee. Why else would one be outside? – Author Unknown

The main objective of this course is to understand the network and administrator job. To explore the use of different networking commands like ping, traceroute, netstat etc. To learn the basic feature of networking i.e Sharing of resources like folders, drives, and devices. To learn and observe the Remote login feature in a network. To learn manually setting up the IP addresses, subnet mask, network gateway in Windows system. To demonstrate a client-server scenario in a network. Configuring a wireless network using packet tracer software.

After completion of this course, students are able to understand: Management of the users & the domain. Setting up the local security policy. Start and stop services from user window and command prompt. Use of utilities (a) Ping (b) Tracert (c) netstat (d) net (e) IP configuration (f)Path ping Build connection of LAN WAN (Switch, Router) using Cisco Packet Tracer.