Our Story


“Ideally, students should follow their passion. Maybe that would take them to autonomous vehicles or to computer security. If they haven’t found their passion, I would recommend they pursue a solid grounding in computer systems and software engineering. That will open a lot of doors ”

Bruce Porter

Why Computer Science?


Making a difference in the developing world

We can’t deny the fact — the reach of computer science is extensive. And we’re only just scratching the surface with what good can come from it!

Now that you know the many ways computer science benefits our society, you can discover what you can do with a computer science and engineering degree to see where you can start making an impact!

Power to change the world

Can you imagine modern education without computer software or the Internet? Whether you’re taking a class online, researching for a paper or sharing work via the cloud, computer Scientist Engineers have made this possible.

And now computer science is leading the way in bringing quality education into spaces and communities that were previously underserved.

Pathways in Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering is bridging the gap for those in need.  Computer Science is leading the way in bringing quality education into spaces and communities that were previously underserved.

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Design, and Engineering, Information Technology, Operating Systems and Networks, Software Engineering are some of the career opportunities in this profession.

Opportunities for Creative and Innovation

Creating high-quality computing solutions is a highly creative activity, and computing supports creative work in many other fields. The best solutions in computing exhibit high levels of elegance and beauty.

Future technologies such as blockchain, Internet of things, Big Data, Deep Learning etc are on the horizon and we try to teach as much as we can.

Vision, Mission & Objectives


To be on the borderline of computer science and engineering and to produce universally knowledgeable, killable and experienceable graduates with moral values steadfast to build a vibrant nation. Our vision also extends to generate the most encouraging environment for quality academic and research-oriented undergraduate education and preparing the students for a globalized technological society and orient them towards serving the society.


  1. To make stronger fundamental competence using systematic, methodical and logical learning system.
  2. To produce successful graduates with all responsibilities to our nation.
  3. To learn emerging technologies apart from the curriculum in order to twinkle on the society.
  4. To uphold research-based projects, schemes, plans in the emerging technology.


The prime aim of Computer Science program is to give students the grounds for imminent work and careers in working out-based problem-solving. This foundation upkeeps both a better path as well as delivers suitable qualifications for further degree work in all disciplines.

The following objectives are to be met by our alumni/ae:

  • Cares scientific and societal development through technological novelty and private enterprise.
  • Apply the principled and social features of modern technology to the framework, expansion, and tradition of computing artifacts.
  • Ability to interrelate with their juniors in other fields and society so that with the combined effort they can contribute to the economic growth of the country.
  • Having the ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data in computer science & engineering.
  • Exposure to real-world information so that the gap within industry and education can be filled straightforwardly.
  • Students have the ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering and computational tools needed for computer science & engineering practices.
  • Students study to effort in the team, so that they get better result or solutions to big problems.

Wi-Fi Facilities

To keep pace with the fast-changing World & to make the World a smaller place to live in, B.S.Anangpuria Institute provides fast Internet facility on its campus. The institute also has access to the Internet through a WI-FI for the students and staff. The Internet facility is available throughout the campus. A highly specialized state-of-the-art Internet lab is there for students to access the net whenever they wish to do so.

Computer Center

The computer center is well-equipped with computing resources to cater to the academic needs of the students. The center is a constant hub of activities, providing a conducive learning environment. The trained technical staff is available to help out the students.